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We are proud to support our clients' successes

providing junior consultants with the wisdom of seniors

GROW - providing junior consultants with the aggregated wisdom of seniors

With more than 15 years in the field of organizational development consulting, the consultants of GROW have seen hundreds of successful development processes. Every process starts with a good proposal that matches the actual needs of the client. But it also have to build on the vast amount of knowledge about similar cases that were previously solved. Junior consultants had a hard time searching in folders on servers and depended on senior consultants to find the most relevant cases of the past. With Analogy GROW created a platform, where all proposals are constantly submitted and are given a short abstract, which can be interpreted by the search engine. This enables any consultant writing a new proposal to search by the needs of the actual client. Analogy suggests circumstances and symptoms that correlated with the actual search based on previous cases to help to narrow down the results to just the few most relevant ones. This results in enabling the juniors with the integrated knowledge of all seniors in just a few clicks' time instead of needing to chase down the right people.

Insulrance Company


A Hungarian insurance company aims to create a knowledge-sharing community among the salespersons. Analogy gives a social platform convenient for millennials, where people can inspire, teach and support each other. The final goal is to have a common knowledge base and to enable inspiring communication among people from the far corners of the country. 

Nemzeti Család- és Szociálpolitikai Intézet (NCSSZI)

National Institute for Family and Social Policy

Training workers in the social sector is just as important as in business, therefore The National Institute for Family and Social Policy (NIFSP) have accomplished an enormous, EU-subsidised program in the years of 2013-2014. NIFSP is the background institution of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources and has approximately 98 thousands employees. The main challenge was to give an opportunity to all of its workers to acquire the necessary, up-to-date knowledge. They also faced the difficulty of transforming theoretical knowledge to practical usage in the context of social work. We truly believe that sharing experiences through case studies helps them the most. Participants wrote stories to Analogy’s social platform about how they can use the learnt methods in practice, thus creating an accessible, easy to use and search knowledge base for all the members of the social sector in Hungary. This knowledge base offers social workers the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge and practical problem solving skills for a wide range of challenges. By using Analogy’s solution the collaboration and experience sharing among institutions of the social sector can be highly improved.

Maven 7
Connecting Knowledge

Maven 7

Maven 7 is a dominant company working on the field of network analysis. Their core business is to map the roots of different problems and dig deep into organizational networks giving easily understandable analysis. Their aim was to train advisors to sell their IT products, each of them fitted to different organizational needs. But each way of application requires expertise on a specific field, which is hard to gain during a short training session. They needed a special solution, which helps them to connect, interact and share experiences and to learn from afterwards. Here comes in Analogy’s solution. We provide a knowledge sharing social platform, which makes stories searchable, also offering visualization. The opportunity to comment, like and rate stories makes it more exciting and charming to use. Furthermore, it can be easily used later as a knowledge base for the whole company by extending it to other divisions.


Analogy is determined to be socially responsible

corporate social responsibility

Our aim was to create a community, where cured people could share their stories and experiences, what they had to deal with and what they have learnt along the process.
At this community people can find support by realizing they are not alone and there is always hope to get better, because some people already did it. In this sense, spreading strength, hope and positivism to currently ill people and outsiders was, is and will be the main goal of this initiation.

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