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Toolkit for building your own artificial consultant


Business generates knowledge as a byproduct. These processes would also need knowledge as a resource, but it is spread all around in colleague's’ heads or in separate documents and systems. The business generates these knowledge instances through process administration, best practice sharing, tickets, customer service or by people simply helping each other. We call these passive knowledge: collected but unused to support your processes. The artificial consultant (AC) provided by Analogy Co. is an IT tool, that helps you to activate the passive knowledge of your company by transforming it to a virtual expert built from your own knowledge by your own people. Your AC can process your knowledge domain with an understanding engine trained by your people so that every one of your people could have access to an aggregated knowledge base. In a user interface that people are most accustomed to: through dialogue.


Uploading existing data

1.     Uploading existing data in a pre-defined format (for example a set of FAQs, best practices): for you might have put massive efforts into gathering the knowledge. Now you will have a way to process it.


2.     Connecting with APIs: you might have systems that you are already have built into your processes, that continuously generates knowledge (eg. ticketing systems, customer service supports, etc), and you might want to enhance them by using the byproduct to be recycled and become resources.


3.     Social platform for story sharing: there are a number of ways how people in organizations are sharing how to do things. They collect it to servers, send it around temporarily to colleges, write it as exams, respond to an idea or simply help a college to solve a problem. We developed a platform, where your colleges can help each other by sharing stories of how to solve something. They can be proud, they can be helpful, or they can do their duties. But as a byproduct they generate useful hints for others. We can help them to be prouder, more helpful and more efficient. And make a enormous pool for knowledge production.


social platform
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