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We all feel privileged to work in a field that matters, a field that writes the history of our times. Having a good perspective means to always keep our attention towards the future. But doing it in a team, where it is hard to have a meal without rolling laughter and where the main attitude is that there is so much to learn from each other... That's why we get up each morning.

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Whether you’re a reseller or technology partner, we offer you high-impact solutions to enhance your customers’ satisfaction and sales benefits to boost your revenue. Opportunity awaits.

GEP program

We are proud that IBM accepted Analogy at their GEP program and our solutions will be available soon at the IBM Cloud Marketplace. IBM provides the necessary technological background for us to scale and make an impact on the world market.

Consulting for the financial community

Xallis Consulting is a consulting and research company focusing on serving the financial community with outstanding insights. Xallis's expertise and network in the financial community creates an ideal environment for promoting Analogy's products.

Owner and investor



being one of the initiators of the idea, he also contributes as an angel investor and a strategic lighthouse. Having strong background in psychology, business consulting and entrepreneurship he has a genuine interest in building a virtual consultant, although strictly keeping his role clean by having a clear overview from a reasonable distance and overseeing our financial health.

We always feel, that we could go faster. So we are always open to get to know people or companies who are willing to take part in our adventure and contribute with funds and/or expertise. Contact us to send you our onepager at

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