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Notebook with a graph visualization

We believe in the power of collective intelligence. We are committed to enable you to transform your passive knowledge into practical advice. With Analogy you can build your own virtual consultant easily taught by your community. Discover how the technology of the future can help you today!

Ask your 

corporate wisdom!

Virtual Consultant

Find visual patterns within your aggregated knowledge. Get inspired by previous solutions. 

Meaningful internal search engine. Taught by your corporate expertise.

Train your corporate Artificial Intelligence. Then turn your queries into conversations that clarify the context and guide you through the solutions. 

Semantic Search


Pattern Visualization





Grasp the tacit, practical knowledge of people in the whole organization. And spread it everywhere.

Virtual Consultant
Pattern Visualization
Semantic Search

Corporate wisdom
in practice

Be inspired by our solutions given
to various organizational challenges


Leveraging predictions based on text processing in the medical field

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Merging corporate wisdom with state of the art innovation to solve corporate challenges

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Mapping, gathering and using knowledge in maintenance

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Leveraging predictions based on text processing in the medical field

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Team Photo

The natural intelligence building the vision

We love to help our clients maximize their efficiency. For this reason, exploring how to solve problems and reach goals is our passion. Though with backgrounds as diverse as theology, IT linguistics, data mining and management consultancy, our search has led us to the same pattern of how wisdom works. And we are committed to bringing it to you.






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