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There is an unimaginably huge repository of medical data conserved in written medical diagnoses. These are produced by the thousands every day and are never used again. Utilizing this practical data in the everyday medical field work can improve the efficiency of diagnostics, treatments and medical decision in general. We look forward to the challenge of processing the texts of ten thousands of diagnoses and create a net of collerating symptoms, treatments and results. This database will support medical decisions and supply the doctors with an unprecedented amount of correlating data.

A company working in a highly knowledge-intensive field always has to utilize the most current information. The company is also continuously producing knowledge, which is pooled in several distinct systems. There is a need for getting critical knowledge out of top employees, accessing the FAQs and other knowledge bases easily, as well as determining and sharing best practices utilized in the company. A further need is training follow-up and sharing of the knowledge received in trainings with the whole company. The systems of Analogy can cover all these needs and enable the company to gather, quality control and share the information produced for the highest quality of processes.

Collection of organisational knowledge and sharing best practices in a highly knowledge-intensive field

Leveraging predictions based on text processing in the medical field

Predictive capabilities
collecting growing organizational knowledge
medical field
Call center support

Making call center operations more effective

In the insurance industry operating a call center is an important issue. Since the terms of the products change every year, one of the biggest challenges is to correctly decide, whether a caller's years old contract covers fire damage, ice damage or any other special damages.

Analogy provides a solution, where the specific contracts are processed semantically and are available for search by paragraph. When a new call arrives and the query is articulated, the call center operator is provided with the relevant paragraph of the client's exact contract, along with a suggestion for the specific answer or with a clarifying question. The result is radically reduced call times for complex questions, which eat up to 20-30% of the time of the operators.

A client in the energy industry approached us with the problem of a reorganization, which would affect several areas of maintenance. The knowledge about the maintenance methods for facilities has been held on by key employees, resulting in a great risk for grid maintenance, especially in times of reorganization.

Analogy provided specific steps for a solution, starting by creating a knowledge map; defining the knowledge formats, in which field employees will be able to use the information on their tools; gathering the most important knowledge segments from key knowledge-holders; developing personalized user interface for tablets and uploading the materials. The expected result is an easy-to-use field tool, which can support all maintenance activities by suggesting relevant analogical solutions to problems from facility history.


Mapping, gathering and using knowledge in maintenance

Knowledge mapping

There are many situations in a company’s history, when sharing or simply saving knowledge is a must. For instance, when a colleague is leaving, or the same knowledge and experience is necessary at another field, previously saved and shared information can be very helpful. One of our clients faced a challenge regarding the last issue. Their aim was to train advisors to sell their IT products, each of them fitted to different organizational needs. But each way of application requires expertise on a specific field, which is hard to gain during a short training session. They needed a special solution, which helps them to connect, interact and share experiences and to learn from afterwards. Here comes in Analogy’s solution. We provide a knowledge sharing social platform, which makes stories searchable, also offering visualization. The opportunity to comment, like and rate stories makes it more exciting and charming to use. Furthermore, it can be easily used later as a knowledge base for the whole company by extending it to other divisions.

Training follow-up and knowledge sharing

Training follow up
Culture of innovation

Merging corporate wisdom with state of the art innovation to solve corporate challenges

Sometimes it’s really hard to find exciting and challenging work for interns, that integrate them into the organizational culture. In fact there are many emerging issues for a company in need of continuous development. One of our clients has realized this phenomenon and worked out a program.
They decided to improve project management within the organization by an iterative process, where talents define issues and ask interns to search for innovative solutions, which work on the market. Besides, experts are also involved by sharing their internal expertise and experiences. Then talents collect information from both of them and integrate these pieces into a project management experience base, which can be adapted into the organization culture afterwards.
Analogy’s aim is to help these processes by an easy to use and practical knowledge sharing social platform, where they can share experiences and the outputs of these researches. This knowledge base can be used later for gaining inspirations, as well as solving formerly occurred problems by making them searchable and visualized.


A non-profit organization provides its program of affirming adventures with the help of 500 camp volunteers (cimboras) a year. The volunteers get a training, a preparation course before the camp. The ones with special roles attend an extra course concerning their specific tasks, thus the camp provides opportunity for the long-term development of volunteers. Training courses for the high and low ropes cimboras are part of this long-term process, where they gain knowledge and experience on basic, intermediate, high and program leader level. Mostly the volunteers practice the newly gained skills in the camp only. So there is a need of refreshing the training materials, protocols and to learn from the more experienced cimboras. Analogy has started a pilot project supporting the follow up process of the high ropes cimboras' training. Meanwhile we support the creation of a knowledge pool of high and low ropes course in this organization based on the experience of the past 5 years.

Supporting the high ropes cimboras' training 

High rope training

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